Huddle Brand Development

Lead Designer


As the Lead Graphic Designer for Huddle LLC., I was tasked with spearheading the development of multimedia assets to support the company's branding and marketing initiatives. This comprehensive project encompasses the creation of the company logo, brand guidelines, and various other multimedia assets to ensure a cohesive and impactful visual identity across all channels.

My role involved a meticulous process of conceptualization, design execution, and refinement to ensure that each visual element aligned seamlessly with the brand's values and objectives. By harnessing the diverse capabilities of Adobe Creative Apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, I brought forth a cohesive visual language that extended across various platforms and marketing materials.

The brand guidelines I established served as a blueprint for maintaining consistency in visual elements, ensuring a unified and recognizable brand presence.

Main Objectives:

1. Logo Design:

Develop a distinct and memorable logo that effectively represents Huddle LLC.'s brand values, mission, and offerings. The logo should be versatile, scalable, and suitable for use across digital and print media.

2. Brand Guidelines:

Establish comprehensive brand guidelines outlining the correct usage of the logo, typography, color palette, imagery, and other visual elements. These guidelines will serve as a reference for maintaining consistency and coherence in all branded materials.

3. Collaboration and Feedback:

Collaborate with internal stakeholders, including marketing teams, executives, and other relevant departments, to understand their requirements and incorporate feedback throughout the design process. Ensure alignment with Huddle LLC.'s overall brand strategy and objectives.

4. Adaptability and Scalability:

Design assets with scalability and adaptability in mind, allowing for easy expansion and evolution of Huddle LLC.'s branding efforts as the company grows and diversifies its offerings

Key Achievements:

Developed a distinct and memorable logo for Huddle LLC. that effectively represents the brand's values and offerings.

Established comprehensive brand guidelines outlining the correct usage of visual elements to maintain consistency across all materials.


Produced a wide range of multimedia assets tailored to various marketing channels and communication needs.

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